_Our Projects and Solutions_

Token Hunt App

Token Hunt - is a NEW Digital Currency Driven Gamification Platform aimed to help maximize sales conversion for Retail Brands, FMCGs, Retail Stores, Malls & Shopping Centres etc. To learn more about Token Hunt™ please contact us at: Contact: +27 61 495 5369 |

SlashTag App

Slash Tag - is a new APP Concept (currently under development) aimed to change the face of TV, Radio, and Print media solutions. To learn more about this project please contact us at: Contact:+27 63 227 1012 |

eZak Trader App

eZak Trader - it's a "POS App" and "Inventory Management System" designed for small and informal traders, including new and established small businesses. The APP connects small businesses with various FMCG brands for a seamless ordering convenience, whiles also exposing the businesses to the formal economy to becoming:.I.e. Bankable, Insurable, and Creditable etc.

NB: This project is currently under re-development, please contact us should you
be interested to learn more about its completion date and investment opportunities:
Contact: +27 63 227 1012 | 

eStokvel App

eStokvel App - This project has passed the concept planning phase and ready for prototyping... contact us to learn more about this new app project: Contact:+27 63 227 1012 | 

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