Our Solutions

We are a dedicated IT Research and Development Company with sound experience in software and hardware project solutions. We plan, design, develop and implement project solutions from conception to production with great impact in the markets we serves (Small & Big).

Below are some of the projects developed by our company from conception to production:

Token Hunt App

Token Hunt App - Our company has developed a NEW SaaS Gamification Platform called "Token Hunt™", which is aimed to help maximize sales conversion for Retail Brands, FMCGs, Malls, and Tourism Towns etc. To learn more about Token Hunt™ please contact us at:

Contact: +27 61 495 5369 | info@tokenhunt.co.za

SlashTag App

Slash Tag App - Our company is currently working on the development of a new APP Concept called "SlashTag" aimed to change the face of Media Advertising (e.g. TV, Radio, Print etc). To learn more about this project please contact us at:

Contact:+27 63 227 1012 | info@nepoit.com

eZak Trader POS App

eZak Trader POS App - it's an App that can be used as "Mobile Point of Sales" and "Inventory Management System" by small and informal traders, including new and established small businesses. The APP connects small businesses with various FMCG brands for a seamless ordering convenience, whiles also  exposing the businesses to the formal economy to becoming:.I.e. Bankable, Insurable, and Creditable etc. 

NB: This project is currently under re-development, please contact us should you be interested to learn more about its completion date or investment opportunities:

Contact: +27 63 227 1012 | info@nepoit.com

eStokvel App

eStokvel App - This project has passed the Concept Planning Phase and now ready for prototyping... contact us to learn more about it, including its investment opportunities:

Contact:+27 63 227 1012 | info@nepoit.com

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