• NEPO IT Systems (Pty).Ltd is a company that specialises in the Research and Development (R&D) of New Concept Products based on Mobile, Web, and Custom Software Solutions. We plan, design, develop, test and implement Concept Solutions from “concept phase” up to products that work and solve problems in the intended markets.

    • Our Approach to New Products Development


    • _We do Concepts Brainstorming_


    • _We do Market Researches and Feasibility Studies_


    • _We do Project Planning and Project Management_


    • _We do Actual Development of Product Solutions_


    • _We do Testing, Certification and Verifications_


    • _We do Pilot Rollout and Pre-Commercialisations_


    • _We do Commercialisation of new product solutions_

    Our Vision:

    • Our vision is to become global leader in new product solutions that makes business sense.

    Our Success Story:

    • One of our recent success story is our new Marketing Gamification APP developed by our company, which is aimed to change the face of digital advertising and the loyalty rewards market. Contact us to learn more about TokenHunt.